International passenger

trains in 20th Century Europe

International passenger trains in 20th Century Europe

It is important when examining train services to have some method of recording their vital statistics over the period in study here. Train Performance Tables examine service characteristics at six points in the 20th Century to show how speeds and frequencies developed between capital cities, in this case those serviced by the Paris-Moskva spine. There are a number of measures of interest here:-

Years in question. These are chosen to show the states of the spine route having recovered from major events. For each year is shown the fastest transit time, distance (kms) which can vary between years as can the routes taken.


Frequency is also measured. This is defined as the number of trains between two points out and return in a week. There are six capital cities involved in the Paris-Moskva spine and each pair has been the subject of a train performance table.

Train Performance tables



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